Before buying your ticket

Where and when is the conference taking place? +

The Festival will take place from 8th of April–12th of April 2020 at the Mansion Resort. The Mansion Resort is one of Bali’s rare gems a boutique resort in the artists community of Penestanan, just a few minutes drive from the center of Ubud. Set in a tropical lush green park estate, this incredible venue is an adventure to discover, with water features, multiple pools, world-class restaurants and luxury spa; we’ll be in the lap of luxury!

You can book our “All-Inclusive” Pass to get a room in the resort or one of the partner hotels nearby so you can always be just a few steps away from the heart of the festival. Or book something close by and just enjoy the incredible venue during festival hours.

Who is Freedom X Fest made for? +

Whether you’re a thought leader, a digital nomad, a social entrepreneur, or an active dreamer, come join us in co-creating a space with like-minded community, where we can redefine the systems and rules society takes for granted, and break free together, creating the highest potential in life, for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Who will be expected to attend? +

We are expecting around 250–500 people from all over the planet with a very diverse background: 

    • People thriving for freedom and wanting to be location independent, travel more.
    • Digital nomads and entrepreneurs living the dream and ready to create even more freedom and abundance in their lives. 
    • Freedompreneurs who have already figured out the ups and downs of the freedom lifestyle and looking for the next step and challenge by living a more aligned and purposeful life and looking to contribute to humanity.
    • And people who have mastered their own personal needs and drive for freedom – in the outside world as well as within themselves. Living from this place of peace and wholeness, their aspiration is to contribute and give back to the society, doing whatever they are called to.
What is included in the pass? +


Ticket ONLY

    • 5 magical days of inspiration, connection and actionable learnings
    • 25+ globally recognised expert speakers and presenters
    • Exclusive, collaborative workshops with Freedom Lifestyle experts
    • Like-minded and supportive community to connect / co-create with

Price: US$ 995.00

All Inclusive

Everything in Ticket, plus:

    • 7 days (6 nights) accommodation (private deluxe room) in a beautiful location in paradise, includes breakfast at the resort
    • full catering meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 
    • Return airport transfers to your place of accommodation 

Price: US$ 3195.00

Can I purchase individual daytime tickets? +

Yes! Our 1-Day Pass gives access for 1 date of the festival – including all speeches, workshops and activities. The 1-Day Pass is available for every day of the festival – from Wednesday, April 8th to Sunday, April 12th, 2020. You can purchase your 1-Day Pass after 15th of March on our website or contact hello@freedomexperience.io beforehand.

Do you have children's passes? +

Yes! We are a child-friendly conference and The Mansion has two playground places on site – 1 inside, 1 outside + kids pools, which will be supported by local nannies and shining volunteers.

If you are interested to join us with your child or children, please contact us at hello@freedomexperience.io

Freedom Pass ONLY: +
  • Under 10 years old – Free of charge
  • Between 10–18 years old – US $273 
  • Note: We need the kid’s Proof of Age, to be submitted by the parents, for approval and granting of discounted tickets.
Are there group rates? +

Yes, we offer special group rates for a minimum of 5 people. If you would like to purchase tickets for a group, please contact us at hello@freedomexperience.io

Do you offer refunds or exchanges? +

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges on tickets. However, if you cannot make it to the festival, you can sell your ticket by yourself and let us know about the name changes minimum of 5 days before Freedom X Fest 2020, or we can hold the credit paid towards our next events and programs. Please inform us at hello@freedomexperience.io at the latest by April 3, 2020.

After buying your ticket

How do I get to the festival venue? +

You can rent your own scooter or grab a taxi to drive to The Mansion.

Scooter Rental Company you can find here XXX

Please bring an international driver's license with you and wear a helmet at all times!

These are some trusted taxi drivers we can recommend to you.
Name: XXX Phone Number: XXX
Name: XXX Phone Number: XXX

Please contact them directly via WhatsApp and arrange your airport transfer or hotel/hostel/homestay shuttle with them.
For guests staying at partner hotels shuttle buses will be arranged.

When will the schedule be released? +

Please note: all acts and schedules are subject to change without notice! The complete schedule will be released on March 15, 2020. However, you can see the core line-up of speakers and  facilitators on our website by 10th of February. To keep up with updates on newly confirmed presenters, we recommend you join the Facebook event.

What are the start and finish times? +

The schedule is currently under formation. Join our Facebook event to be updated with the latest information!

Can I use the pool also if I do not have an All-Inclusive Ticket? +

All in-house guests (All-Inclusive Ticket) can use all 5 pools. However, “Ticket Only” guests can only use the garden pool.

Will there be other people at The Mansion? +

Yes, there will be other guests staying at The Mansion. However, we have a private and dedicated spaces only for the Freedom X Fest family on site. Four hectares of radiant, landscaped tropical gardens will hold enough space for all of us.

Will there be free Wi-Fi? +

Yes, there will be free access to Wi-Fi. However, we encourage you to get your own SIM card to ensure to have access to the Internet at all times. Data is very cheap in Bali and you can easily have conference calls (with Zoom, Skype, etc.) via your mobile hotspot.

Can I become a sponsor? +

We are happy to consider sponsorships, affiliate partnerships and creative marketing partnerships! Fill in a sponsorship request and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Can I become a speaker? +

We are always on the lookout to connect with talented and inspiring people who want to share their message with our audience. Therefore, please fill out our application form here and we will get back to you shortly.
Please bear in mind: We have already received an overwhelming amount of applications and finishing up the program.
Anyways, it won’t be our last event, so please share your interest with us.

Can I join as a volunteer? +

Please fill out the application form here.

How can I get in touch? +

Send us an email with any questions to hello@freedomexperience.io

What should I pack for the festival? +

In general, please pack light and avoid bringing items which are likely to end up in a landfill on Bali. Specifically, you will need light and comfortable clothing for workshops, a reusable water bottle (we only offer refill stations so you must have your own bottle). Bring your journal or something to write so you can take notes. 

In addition, it would be useful to bring an unlocked phone so that you can buy a local SIM card for cheap calls, texts and mobile data. A card with sufficient credit for a week costs about IDR 100,000 which is under USD 8. You can buy a SIM card simply on the airport or for a cheaper alternative, ask your taxi driver to stop at a convenience store. You will need your passport to register. 

It can get quite humid during the day, so you might want to bring a small towel for daytime workshops.

Finally, check here if you are going to need an adapter for your devices.

    • For registration, please bring an ID or photocopy of your ID. Otherwise, your wristband is enough to re-enter the event
    • As most of you will travel with your computer, you are invited to bring it, yet it is your responsibility to take care of it. WE DO NOT PROVIDE LOCKERS ON SITE! 
    • Plugs and Sockets: In Bali and Indonesia you can expect the 2-pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe. The pins are round, not flat or rectangular (the standard used in Bali is a 2-pin plug (round)). If you come from Australia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Singapore, and some countries in Africa, you will most likely simply need a plug adapter. Otherwise, the plugs for your electrical appliances will not fit into the "Bali socket," although the voltage should be okay.
    • Bathsuit/Towel
    • Sunglasses/Organic Vegan Sunscreen
What about accommodation and food? +

Festival passes do not include food and accommodation. As for food, there are two restaurants on site where you can choose individual dishes and drinks with a variety of flavors and food choices, including raw, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, using a majority of local and organic ingredients.

Additionally, you can purchase our Add-On Meal Pass online here.

What is The Giving Model and B1 G1? +

We love the idea of being able to create an environment that positively impacts your life, and at the same time, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could impact the lives of others who may not have the resources we have to receive even their basic needs met?

When you make a commitment to yourself, to stretch and grow, to be open to seeing the world with new eyes and taking action towards your life-purpose, it has an impact on those around us too!

When you join the Freedom X Fest in Bali, you’ll be personally making it possible for 1 Balinese man, woman or child to receive a free Eye Screening, at a roaming mobile clinic, for every $120 that you invest in yourself. People blinded by cataracts are referred to the mobile clinic for a sight-saving operation!

So even when just buying a ticket, you will have sponsored 5 people to receive a free Eye Screening.

Do I need a Visa? +

Please do your research and assure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months.

You can find information here.

Do I need insurance? +

It is vital that anyone travelling to Indonesia has a health insurance. If you have an accident or fall ill during your time in Bali, medical care and hospitals can be expensive for foreigners without medical insurance and good private hospitals will never accept you without proof that you will pay for their services. Many hospitals, even in Bali, are not equipped to handle serious or complicated surgeries, so you would need to have an emergency evacuation coverage to Singapore or Australia; and without insurance, this can amount up to $50,000. A travel insurance great for all international travelers is Safety Wing. Make sure you have the necessary vaccines, get your insurance and read its conditions before you visit Bali and Indonesia; it could save your life.


What are the requirements to be a Volunteer? +

Volunteers must:

  1. Be in Ubud, Bali on 7 April for Orientation and set-up, and for the festival dates (8 April–12 April). Team leaders need to arrive on 6 April.
  2. Purchase discounted volunteer ticket ($80 USD) after acceptance. 
  3. Check-in and out for volunteer shifts on time.
  4. Foreign travelers must meet all tourist visa requirements with at least six months remaining on their passport before the expiration date. 
  5. Have a smartphone and WhatsApp number.
What is included for volunteers? +

Volunteers give a portion of their time in exchange for a highly discounted Volunteer ticket to the festival. They will also be provided with lunch and dinner for the duration of the festival.

What is NOT included? +

Flights, transportation and accommodations are NOT included. Here’s a list of nearby accommodations for different types of budgets.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a volunteer? +

Please give us a few weeks to review your volunteer application. The first wave of acceptance emails will go out mid January. After this, volunteers will be accepted on a rolling basis until all roles have been filled. You can apply up to 2 weeks before the event since there are sometimes drop-outs at the last minute. Please note that acceptance emails will not include your team or your role. Roles will be shared in March or April.

What happens after I have been accepted? +
  1. Accepted volunteers will get an email confirming their acceptance, along with a link to purchase a discount volunteer ticket ($80 USD). 
  2. You can start looking at flights and accommodations. 
  3. You will get an invite to join the FXF2020 Volunteer Facebook group for event updates, and to connect to other volunteers.
Are volunteer tickets refundable? +

Unfortunately, volunteer tickets are non-refundable since they are highly discounted. If you have special circumstances, please email us at volunteers@freedomexperience.io

What if I need to cancel my position as a volunteer? +

We would be sad to see you go but we know that things come up. If you need to cancel, please let us know so that we can find a replacement. Please note that volunteer tickets are non-refundable since they are highly discounted.

How much are volunteers expected to work during the event? +

Volunteers work 50% of the time during the festival (excluding orientation), leaving the other 50% of the time to enjoy the festival as a participant. This comes out to around 5.5 hours of volunteer time per day.

What is the Orientation for and what if I can’t make it? +

Orientation is a chance for the entire team (volunteers as well as the main organizers of FXF2020) to meet and align before the festival. We ask that everyone attends since we will talk about roles, expectations, and get a chance to familiarize ourselves with the event space. This also tends to be one of our favorite moments as a team! If you cannot make it, please email us at volunteers@freedomexperience.io to let us know in advance. 

What will volunteer shifts be like? +

There will be three shift times – morning, afternoon and evening. We will ask for your preferred shift time and will try our best to accommodate your preferences. As with any event of this scale, we ask for everyone to be flexible since unexpected tasks tend to arise.

Do I get to select which role(s) I’ll be volunteering for? +

While we will try to accommodate everyone’s interests and skills, the final decision will be made based on team needs.

What is a Team Leader and how do I apply to be one? +

Team Leaders lead small team of volunteers (5–12 people, depending on the team they join). They are the liaison between their team and the core FXF2020 team. They will need to be in Ubud, Bali, by 6 April to familiarize themselves with the festival, their specific team needs, and to make sure volunteers get their shifts during the festival, etc. Because things can get hectic during the event, it is preferred that Team Leaders have experience managing people and/or similar events, etc.

You can let us know that you’re interested in being a Team Leader by responding to your acceptance email. Team Leaders We will let everyone know of their roles in March. 

Can I request the same volunteer shift as a friend? +

You will have the opportunity to note your preference after you have been accepted as a volunteer. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but can’t guarantee first choice in shifts or teams.

Can I request specific volunteer shifts so I can attend a workshop or see a speaker? +

Volunteer shifts will be assigned ahead of time so it’s not possible. However, once you are given your shift time, you are welcome to speak to your team and team leader about a shift swap. We do ask you to limit these requests since it’s hard to accommodate everyone.

How do I get to the festival and around Ubud? +

It is your responsibility to get to the site of the festival at The Mansion in Ubud, Bali. From Denpasar Airport (DPS), it is about 1.5 hours by taxi and costs around 350,000 IDR. Scooters or taxis are the most common ways of getting around Ubud.

How do I find accommodations? +

It is your responsibility to find your own accommodation. You can search on Airbnb, homestays or check out this list of accommodations nearby. You can also post any questions in the FXF2020 Volunteer FB group after you’ve been accepted. Volunteers often self-organize shared rides or accommodations to save on costs.

If you read through the FAQ document and still have questions, please email us at volunteers@freedomexperience.io.