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Creating New Opportunities in Times of Change

3 Days | 3 Stages | 30 Programs

with like-minded, conscious leaders at this

Virtual LIVE Online Experience

10-12th of April, 2020| ZOOMTopia

3-7pm Bali | 8-12pm London | 3-7am New York

Why is this NOW more important than EVER BEFORE?

When we’re cut off from each other the next best choice is to connect online.

Connecting with a supportive, like minded community becomes our most important asset to navigate these changing landscapes so that we’re not left feeling alone, lost and in fear of what will happen.

It’s time to focus on educating ourselves on the best solutions through online technologies, creating opportunities, new jobs and businesses that can become a viable future alternative for many.

This is the time to reinvent ourselves, let go of the old that doesn’t serve us anymore, and leap forward, embracing the new and becoming the creator of our own destiny.

Many of us are feeling the calling to step into leadership, uniting with others, working collaboratively on solutions to navigate these uncertain times.

And we are curious to see what’s possible, and how we can come together as humans to be the positive change we wish to see for ourselves and a new world.

Freedom Experience has been connecting global travelers, freedom seekers and change makers for the past 3 years, our live event in Bali this April cancelled due to these troubled times. We immediately felt the need to continue spreading the message of freedom, by transferring to this LIVE ONLINE event in order to support more of our global tribe who are now isolated around the world, desperate to connect.

What Will I Receive During these 3 Days?

Connection to our like-minded community, connecting you with new friends, co-workers, business partners, mentors and other leaders

The most up to date tools and practices for you to navigate change, work remotely and build successful online businesses.

Tools and workshops that focus on redesigning your future self and life that help you see the vast amount of opportunities available now

Your ability to post your skills and connect with an array of job opportunities, workers & teams in the field of your interest and passion

Join masterminds and learn from successful leaders and shortcut your learning cycle with their clear direction and advice.

Dance, learn, share & deeply connect to self and others in ways we’ve not been able to facilitate online in the past through our Zoom Rooms

Who is it for?

Anyone who’s looking to connect in, get support and create a new reality for themselves by exploring remote jobs, considering setting up an online, remote business that they can run from their home, or anywhere in the world simply with an Internet connection.

Digital nomads looking to optimize their online landscape and be more effective and profitable.

Entrepreneurs who are being directly or indirectly affected by the global lockdown, and looking for new ways and opportunities to create longevity for themselves.

Freelancers or those considering freelancing, wanting education on how to better attract jobs, build teams and create a good income.

Remote workers keen to connect in to the community connections and join in the virtual festival fun

Speakers looking to transfer from live events to online events and still be able to attract and enroll their audience into their high ticket programs and retreats.

Newbies getting started and keen to learn new online skills, speak to other leaders already doing this, and join a supportive tribe.

Anyone interested in navigating the change we are faced with today



Founder FreedomXFest


Audience Awakening


World Class Transformational
Life Coach


Speaker, Transformational
Facilitator & Unifier


Masterchef, best selling autor, international speaker


Chief Life and
Business Engineer


Co-Founder & Global Operations Leader at NomadX


Founder of Nomads
Giving Back


Embodied Leadership in Times of Uncertainty



Remote Job & Opportunities

Impact Mastermind

Ecstatic Movement

Virtual Dating

Witches & Wizards Tea Ceremony


Flow dance

Networking & Coworking


Program will take place on 3 different virtual stages and you’ll be able to join each stage on the link provided below. Please be mindful if you enter during sessions.


Where will it be and how can I join?

The event will be hosted online in virtual zoom rooms. You can join in by registering with your free ticket on this page

In order to join, you will need to have Zoom downloaded to your computer or the app on your Android/iPhone.

Once you’ve registered with your free ticket, We’ll send you a confirmation email with the links you’ll need to join the Zoom rooms

If you have any questions, just email us at hello@freedomexperience.io

Can I watch the sessions later?

The virtual festival will be running LIVE for 3 days between the 10-12th of April

Make sure that you check your timezone so you don’t miss the sessions, here is a handy time-zone-converter tool

After the virtual conference, all sessions will be available in digital format. You’ll be able to register and purchase with lifetime access

You’ll receive access to all recordings and the membership (if you decide to join us) on the 20th of April, 2020.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead