Jen L.

FXF Spain in 2018 connected me to a world of people who have been living and breathing the lifestyle that I had working towards on my own. It was a breath of fresh air to meet and learn from people in various stages of location independence.

It was impactful not only in terms of inspiration, but also getting tactical tips and skills to creating a location independent lifestyle for myself that’s sustainable, productive and healthy.

Stella Airoldi

I know the foundersband organisers since quiet some years and they are really amazing! But even without knowing them I would still rate this event high! I have participated at Freedom X Fest for more than a week in the Pyrenees last year.

And it was so much fun! I have learned many new things, also things I didn't know I was interested in. And the best the community, making friends for life. Needless to stay, if you want all that go!!!

Alix Rufas

I ended up attending Freedom Experience by accident. And I am so glad I did!! The biggest take-away for me were the connections with like-minded humans, with whom over a year later I am still in contact, both for business and friendship.

These hyper-relevant niche human connections are so precious nowadays and I thank Freedom Experience for making that magic happen!! I'd say: get over yourself and get yourself into it, you won't regret it 

Irina Busurina

Amazing heart-open people, inspiring speakers and skilled workshop facilitators, well trailers open-minded community and fun networking! Highly recommended

Josh Swart

Inspiring to step out of the system and into living a truly free life, and sharing how this is done! This digital age has opened the door for remote working and FreedomExperience is a passion fuelled conduit to facilitate that shift. Pyrenees was insane!!

Luciana Mesquita

Simply the most amazing people somehow are always gathered in this festival. Every time I go I bathe in wisdom, love, laughter and connections that lead to solid friendships and/or beautiful projects.

Stre Gre

I love connecting with like-minded people and was immediately attracted by the high vibes I got from FreedomXperience! What I loved most about the experience was the combination of spiritual and business related topics!

This resonated very much with my coaching style and helped me broaden my tool-kit!

Szilvia Filep

Checking the news and following inspiring people on social media of the global movement of the location independent lifestyle awakens your curiosity and makes you think about your desired lifestyle, dreams and passion.

But being part of the movement, participating at Freedom X events, meeting with those inspiring people in person, sharing your ideas with others at an extraordinary environment changes your life irreversibly. And it's not the promise, it's my real observation at & after every single Freedom X event. So be prepared, open your mind and get ready to make the move.

Bill Wright

Freedom Experience has helped bring together people from all sorts of career paths and walks of life together. I'm very happy to be a part of this community. It's wonderful what Estella and the rest of the gang have done for the location independent movement.

I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish within our community in the future, and how we can give back to the world at large. Thank you for having me. ✌🏻❤️🙂

Varun Sharma

Great community of like-minded yet diverse individuals!