Bootstrap & Optimise for Your
Freedom Lifestyle in 12 Weeks

Choosing your life, travelling the world and starting your dream business takes guts. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. And let me tell you, straight up, that it takes commitment, hard work, lots of learning, adaptability and does not happen overnight. I'm here to help you make it easier than doing it alone and learning it the hard way.



To support You design your life according to your own terms

If you are struggling creating your freedom lifestyle the way you truly want it
If you are confused on where to go next or what to do next
If you feel like spinning in the same wheel for weigh too long
If you are missing the encouragement and inspiration of like-minded group of people
If you are often your own worst enemy staying committed and on track
If you are up for the game that will change your life …

Only 0.001% of people actually succeed in creating their freedom lifestyle in the real world. It takes time, persistence, willingness, learning, motivation, trust, the RIGHT DIRECTION to get going and stay on track!

Join weekly LIVE online mastermind sessions
Gain inspiration & support by people who have been there and done it
Get valuable individualised guidance and consistent accountability
Connect with like-minded support community
Receive clarity on your next steps and create your own Freedom Roadmap that guides towards the life you truly desire and deserve

This program is perfect for you designing your dream life and creating your road map to achieve it easier, faster and with tons more fun!

It’s now time for a GIANT kickstart in the right direction that helps you planning, growing and expanding your freedom lifestyle



In this program you will...

Gain clarity on what areas of your life you need to be working on to optimize your location independent lifestyle
Define your biggest blockages & challenges and gain courage to face them
Clarify your big vision, as well as your small action steps
Create a plan of action that suits YOU, a Roadmap that is stretching but doable, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up on your dreams before they even take shape.
Take action in your everyday life that brings you more freedom and happiness
Connect with a like-minded tribe of people, make new friends and get inspired by the projects they are committed to
Access direct mentorship and feel supported because supported action gets results
Gain confidence to show up, say what you want and achieve what you believe in.
Realise your limitations and fears that may be holding you back, so you can move through them.
Get access to a network of mentors who have been there and already done what you are wanting to achieve
Get tools that helps you optimize your location independent lifestyle for more success, free-time & fun
Be inspired to dare to dream big and a weekly energiser that keeps you on track, having you believe that you can do it too!
And be on the way to achieve your ‘most-desired intentions’ in 12 weeks


Freedom Method is the perfect way to get started with the location independent lifestyle even from the comfort of your own home or whilst you're travelling in the world. I invite you on a virtual program where you can get clear on your freedom roadmap, start taking actions and feel supported in a like-minded community environment.



Weekly LIVE online sessions with me and other mentors to help you grasp the outer edges of what the freedom lifestyle requires, so you can get started making your dreams reality
LIVE online Q&A’s because everyone's situation is unique and we want you to grasp every ounce of the goodness you need to become location independent and optimize your lifestyle
Accountability pairing, to make sure that you are taking inspired action through the program, because action equals results
Personalize Roadmap to help you be clear, focused and set consistent action steps that helps you progress in your desired direction
Exclusive FB Group because we want to be there to support you whenever something comes up and celebrate every win with you too
Consistent mission and support in the group to keep you focused on the things that really matter, and create the most results

Freedom Method is your fast-track opportunity towards a life that fulfills your very core, lets you travel the world, turn your passion into a business or job and generate the income that supports you to live the life of your dreams


We accept applications all year round and enrol the program scheduled twice a year. Enrolment is open for the next program:

June 3 - August 20, 2019

Are You Tired of Trying To Build Your Freedom Business to Effectively Support Your Lifestyle?

Are You Tired of Trying to Get Your Location Independent Work Life in Balance?

And are You Ready to Make a Massive Difference in the World?!


Program investment is $1,290 for 12 weeks program and you can enrol by application only, by filling out the form below.

Are You Tired of Trying To Build Your Freedom Business to Effectively Support Your Lifestyle?

Are You Tired of Trying to Get Your Location Independent Work Life in Balance?

And are You Ready to Make a Massive Difference in the World?!


Tell us more about YOU and we’ll be in touch for an application evaluation call.

We have created a Freedom Scholarship Fund to support people who need financial assistance. If that's you, than let us know in the form below.

Terms and conditions of entry:
  • I am committed to completing the entire journey over the next months and doing what it takes to show up with intention, integrity and inspiration
  • I understand that published results may differ from one person to the next
  • There is a 7 days cooling off period that I need to give notice to Estela personally who will refund me my tuition fees.
  • I currently have sufficient savings or an income, job or own business that generates me the funding required for me to effectively go through these trainings.
  • In case, I need financial assistance and submit my request for a scholarship, I understand that;
  • Scholarship are not redeemable as cash.
  • Scholarship can not be transferred to an approved and appointed attendee or to any program, coaching or live event at a higher value to the awarded program.
  • Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted or value added offer.
  • Awarded scholarships are to be used within next 12 months


I'm Estela, a Freedom-preneur, founder of Freedom Experience and host of virtual and live events and education about the freedom lifestyle. I lived in 8 countries in the past 15 years and travelled many more, while became an independent freelancer, digital nomad and eventually a freedom-preneur. 

Recently, we co-authored Freedom by Design Amazon Best-Seller book with 15 inspiring freedom leaders and spearheaded the first and largest festival about the location independent movement in Spain, more about 

Amongst various passion projects, I'm the co-founder of Inspiral Ltd Marketing and Sales Agency, that promotes some of the most inspiring truth speakers and change makers from around the globe, helping them to better reach, awaken their audiences and amplify their message and impact they make.

I love stretching the boundaries of the conventional work style, reinventing and educating people about new models of living and working. And above all, i'm hugely inspired about the positive impact freedom-preneurs are able to create on our planet.