Freedom Experience  started as a passion project with the aim of bringing together a like-minded group of freedom leaders, launching initially with our online (Freedom Summit) and later live events (Freedom X Fest), aimed at opening a discussion to evolve the freedom lifestyle movement.
Today, not yet 2 years in, we’ve positively impacted thousands of lives through our online and offline events, education, impact projects and festivals..


Life is short, so why not use your time on our planet for good - do the things you enjoy, tap into the genius and gifts you have, travel and see the world, spend time with good people and do good work that makes a positive difference.

We believe that creating and living life according to our own terms is accessible to so many of us today - it’s however necessary that we become leaders, stand up for what we believe and take responsibility for our own lives.

If you can dream it, you can live it,
so dream big and create a freedom life that inspires you.

Unfortunately, most of us are brought up with the conditioning of what life should look like. We are enticed into following a path that doesn’t necessarily make us happy or fulfilled.

It’s just a false belief that has aspiring us to “do more and have more things” - go to school, study well, get a job, get married, have a family, a mortgage, a credit card, work hard, retire.. and in between, if you’ve made enough money to pay for all the stuff “you need” with a little bit left over, then each year you get the opportunity to take a few weeks of holiday to enjoy life.. and then, many still give that up for the money, the boss, the guilt of taking time for ourselves.

What if this scenario is fundamentally FLAWED?
What if we CAN travel the world and be holidaying all of the time?
What if we can CHOOSE to work only on projects we love and with people we’re inspired by?
What if it is possible to BRING UP global, entrepreneurial minded children, in an open, loving and happy family environment?
What if we can have MULTIPLE HOMES around the world to enjoy different cultures and environments all the time?
WHAT COULD YOUR REALITY LOOK LIKE if you were to mix together all of your dreams?
What places would you go and people would you meet?
What GOOD would you do for OTHERS?
What FREEDOM LIFE would you create for YOU?
And what POSITIVE DIFFERENCE would you create for the PLANET?

We don’t only believe that you can create this reality, we’re out there creating our own every day. We know without any doubt that anything you put your mind and heart to, you can achieve, we know what it takes, and we’re here to share our experiences with you, and show you how you can too.

As a member of the Freedom Experience community, you have the privilege and opportunity to create your unique Freedom by Design lifestyle and live life by our own terms. Our responsibility is to share our knowledge, the tools, know-hows in a hope to encourage you and ultimately millions of others to take positive action towards creating a better world.

We do this through hosting fun events and educational programs to inspire people to look at the world in new ways, open doors that they never knew existed before and step through to a new paradigm where we truly are the creators of our own reality.
So, what are you going to create with your one, and very precious life?


John Abbott

Estela Kun

Karen Stephen

May Samar

Josh Roberts

Hara Injoy

Karoline Zizka

Zsófi Kun

Miklós Markovits

Szilvia Filep

Josh Swart

Zsófia Tölgyessy

Deborah Mendes

Aljon Tarun

Jaymee Pasco

Sandor Kiss