Imagine bringing together a tech conference, Ted, burning man and an extra bit of health and lifestyle in the most beautiful and natural environments. This is what we call Freedom X, the new way of conferencing where we merge all your senses with experiences that inspires your mind, feeds your soul and transcends your being.



A New Way of Conferencing

When you attend Freedom X Fest, you are not just going to another conference or festival. This unique event celebrates our humanity by uniting all our parts together.

It unites remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent professionals, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe, as well as those simply looking to live with more freedom.

You’ll learn new skills to grow your business or start a new one, learn to meld all the facets of who you are, your life’s purpose and your work into one cohesive lifestyle that is your FREEDOM by DESIGN.




BUDAPEST | AUGUST 26-27, 2017

Freedom X Fest Budapest was the initial and inspirational 2 day event that challenged over 250 participants to expand their mind, change their beliefs, go beyond what they thought possible and inspired them to design a life based on their terms and choices.

In Budapest, we brought together 30+ speakers and workshop facilitators to inspire, educate and talk about their experiences on creating a freedom based lifestyle. Workshops and talks were held throughout the weekend in an interactive environment with over 35+ programs for everyone to participate, learn, grow and design their own freedom lifestyle from.​​ ​​


SPAIN | AUGUST 14-20, 2018

Freedom X Fest Spain was the first-ever outdoor festival and educational conference about the location independent lifestyle bringing together close on 500 entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and change makers for an experience of a lifetime, over 6 unforgettable days.

The event was hosted in the stunning Pyrenees Mountains, taking over an entire rural village with 12 charming country cottages and a camping/glamping area on 250 hectares of land. Set in a stunning natural environment with the backdrop of the mountains and spectacular views of the valley below, the event covered just about every aspect of creating a freedom by design life imaginal, with talks, workshops, panel discussions, sacred journeys, physical experiences, even a journey of the stars. Freedom X Spain had it all for everyone who attended.