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Episode three of the Freedom Experience brings you the lovely, Irma Horvath from Morea Training & Consultancy. Irma has over ten years of experience in coaching, teaching, facilitating, and training in dynamic learning situations to emotionally and intellectually progress. Join us as she shares three pillars for an individual to thrive. Irma lets us in on key ingredients to grow and learn: the toolbox we all have inside, the capacity for growth that community supports, and the unlimited potential we can unlock in each and every experience we have.

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Estella: Welcome everyone on Freedom Experience and I’m really grateful to have Vitorio here with us right after Freedom Express Hall would like to have live chat about how to find your true purpose. So thank you so much Vitorio for being here

Vitorio:  No, my honor thank you.

Estella: Can you introduce yourself a little bit to the audience and what is your background? And what is the group that you are doing and what you did in the festival?

Vitorio: Yeah, so my name is Vitorio and I live in Bali. And what I do is a combination of Astrology and Shamanism and some alchemy. So the way that I applied this is to really help people to look inside and try to see to what are the different parts of their personality, what are the different aspects of their soul and how they work together.

Estella: Okay, so there is a so called soul print?

Vitorio: Soul fingerprint yeah,

Estella: Soul fingerprint, so can you explain it a little bit what soul fingerprint is? And how do you open it?

Vitorio: Sure, yeah so I call this a Soul Fingerprint because we’re also unique like we all have our fingerprints on our hands so that what make us unique so if you look at the astrology chart of everybody in the Rome you see that they are so different then everybody soul is so unique that it can be you know looked at as a fingerprint. So that is why I call it soul fingerprint that’s showing how unique we are in the world and that is actually the goal of this is to see what are the aspects that each one us has and how can we be unique in the world and what is our unique gift to the world that we can give.

Estella: Yeah, so that’s super interesting, coz especially if you say that each and one of us is really unique, and then there’s no need for competition, or there is no need for comparing or trying to be someone else. Because that the question a lot of people ask in the festival and as well as in other places, that how can I find that the world that is good for me and suited for me, and how can I be developing that the best way possible, and I think that’s what Vitorio has just doing amazingly that how can you create, how can you find that one really unique gift that no one else has. So if you’re doing that, don’t need to be competing, you don’t have to be selling yourself, or trying to be someone else, because you are just yourself. Can you create a business from that?

Vitorio: Oh absolutely, well that is the whole purpose of it yeah. And it is to can I see where we are, why we are doing what we are doing? And you know if we are not really entirely happy and as we know so many people not entirely happy with what they do. We can look back inside and see what would it be, what is our soul’s purpose or our soul’s mission in this lifetime? Shamans think that we have many previous lifetimes so we have a certain soul purposes before we came to this life. But now there is a specific purpose of our soul in this lifetime, and if we’re able to look inside and look in this different personalities that our soul has and can look as different person and see instead of you know having them kind of conflict with each other, see how we can give love and equal attention to each one of them, then there would immediately become our allies. So we can kind a look at the team of our soul member that now together we have a certain purpose to do. And when we find what that unique combination is then it’s amazing what it feels like is “oh so I’m doing this so effortlessly this is like my second nature” Who needs this everybody can do that and like and then we can know that we got to the right point. If you feels like everybody can do it then you know that your gift because it so effortless but no, not everybody, nobody can do except you. And then you may feel decided to offer this amazing combination that you have to the world there would be a lot of happy people receiving that service.

Estella: Wow! So is it something that you would even recommend for people like this watching Freedom Experience, and looking for one new job, career, or professions to be launched in that is wise start in with yourself, by understanding your unique characteristic or get the sign and go from that point?

Vitorio: Yeah I would say this is why we develop the whole workshop around this thing where one half is looking at what this soul unique purpose to the world is, and then once we find what it could be, then the second half of the workshop is how do we offer it to the world. Also like what type of business structure we can have it on or it does not even have to be called business, but it’s like we offer it to the world in a certain way that is very natural to you. What is your expression of that gift you give to the world? The approach is that we completely avoid stress, I wouldn’t stress about it, it could be so much fun, it’s like playing work, playing business, and like doing it the way we did it when we were kids. I was so amazed in playing with our gifts, I didn’t see it like an obligation that we have to do. And when we approach life like this, how we see it now, we offer these gifts, people will be so amazingly grateful, and they would really love paying for you for this, you don’t have to go chasing after your clients, and kind of see how the structure or prices, no, they’re so happy, that somebody is even offering this that they are so happy to pay for it. Money and soul itself as the consequence of approaching life this way.

Estela: That’s pretty special. And if you would just say this, without me knowing too much about you or the type of work you do, I would be like “oh, is that really possible?” But I have to say that I have a first-hand experience and so for attending the Freedom Express I become so fan and I think there is really effortless, true energy feel that was really easy in the whole festival, because you know it would require work quiet a lot to bring up a whole festival and make it work, but once we were there, with all the speakers, with all the audience, and everything was just flowing so beautifully that I’ve never imagined in my life that it would ever be possible. So I can say that I experienced it and the thing that you are saying that we could experience this in our whole life, in every aspect, in every time, like every time right?

Vitorio: Yeah, this is exactly what we are talking about, it’s like really finally looking at energetic aspect to whole this life, looking at how our ancestors did it, we are really kind of missing out on the whole aspect of life that we had when we living in nature, together in the community, and we have a local Shaman to do some of the things for us, and that is the right rituals for the right parts of our lives – adulthood rituals, married rituals, beginning and an effort ritual, and all of these kind of prepare the feels for the energies to flow effortlessly and in flow with the laws of nature. We used to have that, and now we forgot it, and the automatic approach that we have today is kind of say that it’s doesn’t exist because Science can’t prove it, but there is nothing to prove, so now we are breaking up again to these things, but when we noticed it first-hand how smoothly, how effortlessly, the whole thing were because we prepared the feel for it to contain all these elements and to open people’s souls to receive what they’re soul is ready to receive for the highest good of all. Within these preparations and energetically before the things started, you know how it went. We know how happy and elated we were after that, like I started dancing at the end and that’s how it felt like when something really special like that happened.

Estela: Wow, beautiful! What would you say for people who go like, “ok how can I find my sould fingerprint? How can I apply this not only for myself?” How can it be possible, can you give a little more practical insight on that?

Vitorio: in the sessions that I do, we do exactly that. We started the session by looking at the combination of the Astrology chart of a person, which I see is really kind of almost like a soul surgery, to see what aspects or what inner personalities we have. And then another part of it was looking at some past lives, and if the word ‘past lives’ feels so out there, we don’t even have to call it that, we can call it the aspects that somehow we feel comfortable in. and when we find them, what really resonates what’s true for you, it resonates that this really are some real aspects that you feel very comfortable in, then we can call it past life, we can call it early childhood experiences, or whatever, but we want to find those, and see if they serve us still. If they still serve us, definitely stay in that. But sometimes you may feel that these all past lives don’t serve us anymore, so we can get the consciousness around it, to recognize this patterns, and start making decisions, do we want to stay in this energy or do you want to step towards that more meaningful in this lifetime.

Estela: so you are saying that they are, maybe some challenges, fears, blocks, that we experience in our lives? And those can be released or shifted by becoming aware often.

Vitorio: Exactly, we find that some of these habits that we have from past life, we developed them for a reasons, because they were our soul’s purpose back then, but now, we have decided to work with something else. So whenever we find ourselves in that, instead of just feeling moody, so I’m gonna stay in this moodiness and I wouldn’t do anything about, and understand that maybe this moodiness comes from these extreme emotional sensitivity that I developed before, in order to be able to feel with other people, and be able to understand all the ability and all that stuff. So now, I consciously know, “ok, I have this, but I will use it for the purpose of my current mission in life.” And then I don’t have to stay in it like passive observer, I’ll use it as a tool to go into my current life’s mission. So this is how it’s like, almost like a red flag that you recognized and then you say, “I’m gonna step out of this energy and now this is what I will do with it”, and not like I find it unconsciously.

Estela: can you maybe bring up a few more examples, and what would you say for people who says, “I feel more challenged connecting with more people, and sometimes I feel a bit outsider, separated, not sure if people like me, or if I am accepted in the group.” There were those emotions and how do you cope with that?

Vitorio: well, first of all, I would look in their soul fingerprint, and see where it’s coming from. Because what you are describing now is a very beautiful explanation of somebody who has a career, for example, past life architect. This is someone who used to be really excellent at the home environment, they’ll make beautiful, safe homes, houses, family environment where everybody can be who they are, like express their really-tism. This person would know emotionally how to take care of other people, but, because of the number of lifetime that they had, at home, they didn’t have a chance to develop their soul in the environment where they’re expressing themselves publicly. So if that’s the case we have to recognize where this fear is coming from, and see what are the some soul parts that support me to step into the public role, and there will be a concrete guidelines how to recognize these patterns and how to actually step up to the public role and feel how the soul feels then. If it’s what it is, then the whole universe supports this person’s soul to express themselves publicly. And the first time they will do, it would feel a little uncomfortable, but still they would immediately feel the benefits because the universe supports them there. It was just the fear on the first step. So that’s the guideline, then I would give them is to do something practical, feel how it would feel, pretend that the fear is not there just to feel it, and immediately the support of the universe kicks in, and then the first-hand, they feel it feel so much easier, then you know you’re opt to something. So next time, it’s even easier, third time is completely effortless. You will ask why did it take me so long to do this. Because it felt real. That’s why we need to get these consciousness around this so we can step out and feel comfortable.

Estela: Amazing! That’s really interesting insight. And I guess many of us are experiencing something similar. And the last question Vitorio, if there maybe one thing, one advise that you could have given yourself 10 years ago, that may have speed up or made it more effortless the part that you are now?

Vitorio: I would say that’s about courage. That’s about courage to do something as crazy as being an astrology or Shaman, because that would totally not be accepted in my old world, but the moment that I step into that, that was so much pleasure in seeing people start shining, when they start hearing what they can do. And these lives that we have changed, it is so grateful for the whole thing that happens around this whole life choice that I made.

Estela: What was your previous background?

Vitorio: Many different things but I started as an architecture, I have both of my parents as an Engineer. Can you imagine me saying to my father Engineer, “oh I’m gonna do Astrology and Shaman, and that I would be”. So it took some years to have courage to say this is what I want.

Estela: So you said courage, how did you bring courage to make this shift, and how long did it take for you? And what are the most important kind of milestones that signified this change?

Vitorio: So in my case, what had to happen, was to first did the businesses, real estate developer, where I did build houses, and I did what I was supposed to do as an Architect. And then it felt moderately satisfying, it felt ok. In the meantime I was knowing this astrology reading from so many of my friends, and then they’re telling me, “Oh! Dude, you’re living in an American Dream”. And then I kind of listen to them and these are my dreams. So after the period of doing the actual serious business, and seeing how satisfying Dad is, I said, “you know what, let me step out of this and do really what myself wants.” And that’s when I started to shift,a nd everything felt right.

Estela: Was it many years to make that decision or was it a very short one?

Vitorio: It was gradual. I first had a computer information business, real estate business, so I think it took 18 years of doing regular businesses until I fully shifted into this. I started from 2009, but the full shift happened in 2013.

Estela: That’s pretty cool. Right now you’re living in Bali, you do travel a lot, giving workshop in different part of Europe right now?

Vitorio: Yes, this has been magical. We did this workshop in Budapest, and I’m going tomorrow I’m going to France, and we will have a 7-day workshop in Venice, hopefully I’m gonna be able to do some astro-soul constellations there in the festival.

Estela: Beautiful! Thank you so much for being here Vitorio. Thank you for providing some quantitative information, let us get to soul reading. Thank you so much for being here.

Vitorio: Thank you. Such a pleasure.

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