Building A 6 Figure Company From Scratch?

In this episode of the Freedom Experience we talk with Jules Schroeder, about how can you build a 6 or 7 figure company from scratch. And how can you find your true goal and purpose in life and follow your dreams every single morning

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Estela: Hey everyone it’s awesome to have you back and we are talking with the lovely Jules Shawder, who is really super young entrepreneur, started her journey the age of eighteen, establishing different companies that I would love to hear more about. Can you give us your background a bit?

Jules: Yes so her everybody good to be here turning in from Brisbane and Portugal. I started my first 6-figure company at 18, and 7-figure company at 22, and got involved with book publishing, we figured out how to make books best-sellers on amazon and kindle back in 2012 for that Bihimicthing and took the algorithm launched into a 7-figure companies from there. And currently, I’m the founder of Unconventional Life which is a podcast hosted on Forbes under 30 who profiles millennials who under living in entrepreneurial ways. We also run live 5-day business accelerators, we have 1 coming up in Nicaragua and three houses and do all kinds of other fun projects all around living and pioneering the unconventional life style.

Estela: Awesome! So how did you get into this whole thing? How did you know so early in age that’s that what you inspired to be?

Jules: Yah so it’s all stated in my university in college economics class. I was in economics and clip-board class pass around and it was “hey do you want to want to make a bunch of money this summer? Write your name and email down”, and that time I was very far away from home that was a bits going back, grow up oldest to 5 girls, and so I said yes. And it turns out they were teaching college students how to run a business and it was a house painting business. So house painting not so sexy definitely not my highest excitement but I want it to learn, and in about 3 months I earned booking about $150,000 were the worth became a top business owner in Colorado in that division and it grew from there. But more than anything was the first time that I got to get experience and conquer the skills to validate this knowing that found about myself. I think we cannot relate to this in some degrees you know that there’s something inside of you that’s calling you for more and sometimes you haven’t had that external validation or the proof to actually show yourself that, “Yes you can do it” and you can be successful. And for me that was the starting point of that validation and it can just grew from there.

Estela: That’s so cool because that’s like so right that’s that the most of us are looking for and then sometimes when you give planning within yourself and give ourselves a little bit time in giving yes to it. So hey tell us more about the ‘yeses’ because that’s something I’m really inspired the about, the thought that you just give DNX. And what is this hell yes about? And how do you actually make choices in life that just you know that that’s for you?

Jules: Yes so one of the things that I’m passionate about is having multiple passion so for those of you know that heard ‘find your passion or follow your passion’ and you’re like, “hey but I got a lot of things that I am passionate about, how does that applied to me this? This is something that hope you decide what to do and what order. And for me I’m a musician, an artist, I’m a business facilitator, a yoga teacher, a snowboarder, I love travelling, looking independent, and so the list goes on and on and on and often it can be overwhelming and you can feel stock or you can feel like put on your energy in 1 fraction and not in the other. And so I develop this tool, I like to say I have whole tool kit that I choose from, as I move through life and this particular tool I developed about 3 years ago and “it’s a hell yes or no game”. And so what I mean by that is that is if not a hell yes then it’s just a no or not right now. So we all get invitations in life, sometimes there “Hey do you want to come to the spam party this weekend?”  Or “Do you want to come out to dinner?” Or “do you want to come in this creek trip”, like my trip to Portugal that brought me here and before the invitation is done its full body resonates of yes like “hell yeah”. And then there are those invitations that are just kind of maybe yeses or should opportunity yeses like “oh can you come help me you know move the lawn or do some house purpose cleaning”, “look I don’t know about that” Or could be a business opportunity where you tried to talk yourself into it being that hell yes but it’s just isn’t. So my hypothesis was that if I only acted on the hell yeses, and I said no or not right now to the maybe yeses or should yeses what would my life look like?

So I gave myself 60 days to do this experiment and for those who are tuning in you guys could literary take this on for the next 48 hours and try it. In my particular game, it took about 45 days just to get awareness on the invitations. So the first appears noticing what do these invitations feel like to you? It could be like “Do you want cream in your coffee?” Something very small to something like “Hey do you want to come in to an interview?” and then notice in that moment what is that invitation deal with, is that hell yes? or is it just kind like a ugh? Or can you not get a clear view, which in case it’s a no or not right now.

And what I started to find is that the more I said no and created space only for the hell yeses, the more opportunities that came to me that will more in alignment, that is more exciting and ultimate more fun. So I find out by doing last and creating more space it left more room for the things that were of my highest impact to start a show for me. And it took me about 45 days to sync up the awareness with the action and then so yes I put in the practice in my life feels like dramatically different so.

Estela: Awesome! So when was that, 3years ago you said?

Jules: So I was back 3years ago and I’ve been you know, ust like going to the gym have big cross fit or just got back from a big cross fit about 20 minutes ago, that you’re just building a muscle so the more that you practice this the more aligned opportunities come to you and the more you start to realize you know you usually when you act on these “maybe” experiences they tend to “maybe” outcomes. So if you want to life that’s tan, it’s you know start in on acting on these hell yeses opportunities.

Estela:  And how ready-fit, do you fit the hell yeses in your body or is it more in your mind? Like how will you explain to people because I think some of the people like, ok where is that feel? Like how can I say that it is the really a yes?

Jules: Yes so this is for everyone. So for me, for most of my life I wasn’t into intuition, feeling in my body is very much like head up and I offered this game and I promise you guys you put this little small concept in you practice it will change your life. For a friend of mine, he runs 8 figured company and he decided to do this via excel spreadsheet, so at the end of each night he didn’t have any feeling in his body or any resonance, he just sat back right before went to bed and he reflect. How many opportunities that I have? How many invitations throughout my day?  And he made little tallies. Was that the hell yes or was that not the hell yes? And so if you don’t know where to start and where I personally started with it is that find the hell yeses you don’t even have to think about it it’s a kind of yes that you get offered that you already like moving forward before its even done. And we all can relate to times in our life like that just been so exciting it’s just whole body like “yes! like I’ve been waiting for this thing” And if it doesn’t feel like that grant, it’s not a hell yes. more likely they’re not. Start there and if you like can just start notice throughout your day just bring awareness to what invitations feel like to you and that might be the first step for you to in distinguishing what your hell yes looks like. For me I feel it in my gut. For other people you might get like goosebumps.For others you might not have many body resonance it might just be excitement thing that happens in opening. So there’s a lot of places to start that would start there.

Estela: Awesome! How could we use this formula which is the “little game” about how to make choices in life like first of all love of people you like loving independent, you love to freedom lifestyle and all of the question often kind of that. How do you know where to go next, so many invitations, so many opportunities, so many retreats, so many countries you could go, where do you I next? So can you apply to this game maybe in the freedom lifestyle for this community?

Jules: Yes so I used this with everything, everything literary to “do I wanna go to exercise this morning?”, to “do I should fly in the Iceland” - I’m fly to the Iceland in a few days - you know where should I come to you know come and speak into this event and where I find that we living in state often where there is so much coming at us, so much invitations, so much important etc. and you can get stock and can get overwhelmed and so I find that if you just pause and you step back where you actually check in and give yourself space that’s that you can actually start to know and develop this capacities or tools to be able to guide you forward and you know we get told do more for like a lot of my life I worked you know for 14-15 hours a day, hassle and said yes to everything, I was flying all over the world and I was exhausted and I was under resource and I find you have to be resource in order to have success, in order to actually feel good, in order to make an impact, in order to enjoy the places that you’re going to. And so this is hell yes or no thing is just an access to space. It is literally gave me a little buffer, a little patting, a little time. For me when I was started I told everyone in my life it’s gonna be a slower response time I gotta check in myself. And that gave me access to ultimately know what’s in alignment, which country should I fly to, which one shouldn’t I but its start with actually in pausing, reflecting and feeling rather than going, moving and pushing - that like just kind an intruder to everyone often.

Estela: Yes exactly. So that’s, would you say that could you just pull out a map and then that a kind a like put your finger in different point and like feeling to that this was the place you wanna be going to? It’s like kind a like silly idea but you really like in that point.

Jules: Yes totally. Well you know it’s interesting, so I booked my ticket to come to Portugal it’s about 3 weeks ago and I had the one way and I was about to book the ticket to come home and I get feeling a lot of resistance and resistance is also a indicator of when it’s not a hell yes or it’s a no or not right now. So I was about to hit the ‘buy now’ button, but it made a no logically sense for why I’d be getting resistance and I was just like “You know what  okay I used it as a indicator” I’m gonna go out to dinner and come back. I get back and there’s an invitation for me to go from Portugal to Iceland to train with 10 Olympian athletes to swim with whales and dolphins and haunt arctic shark in all expense paid trip and that I would have missed out if I just booked the ticket right there in there. And so that resistance was a clue that there was a bigger yes, bigger hell yes waiting for me. And so yes, you could totally have you hand in a map and say “where do you wanna go?” But often if you don’t have a clear breathe, it’s not a hell yes. So if you don’t feel the hell yes, that’s okay but if you feel like no or unsure or resistance, that’s also the indicator that it needs more time. And so you find whenever I feel like resistance, whenever it’s not clear I know myself was capable competitive human being, I know that actually indicator for me to pause and wait. And when I wait, that’s when these bigger things come like this opportunity to go to Iceland which I had to wait for few hours for and pause as I had dinner.

Estela: Awesome! So talk about the space that you create and then you kind of allow other things to just turn.

Jules: Yeah exactly and I mean for me personally you know I don’t start working until its 12:00am every day.  And I used to work so many hours a day and you know I had success on age but else to have a business partner at the age of 24 and dazzled bunch of money and with then with $200,000 worth the debt and lost over the span of 8 months everything that I thought was important to me the relationship, the clients you know working with us was $30,000 at that time and in addition to that my health started to onto the ground and so that time I thought all just start more businesses or make more money. And I hit this point where I just was so burned out and I was like “Who am I?” without all of these things that I thought you know I needed to be successful. And in that space you know I started actually look at myself like “What is actually important to me?” And that’s when I realized you know checking in with myself where these 60 days game started and came from. But ultimately where I am now it’s like self-care and space, isn’t just nice idea it's actually vital requirement. It’s how I take one step forward and get 10 steps out. I called a minimum movement a maximum impact strategy. You’ll see me literally going up, getting into crossfit or working out, doing yoga in morning, coming home making something for me to eat, reading and all of these practices give me that space to listen to myself and you don’t have to do a meal, not to work till 12 but I find a solid six chunk hour of working is what allows my peak performance. A lot of people that I interview my form of podcast and other things like that, their peak performances wow so space is the access point and this how yes or no piece is that totally away.

Estela: Yes a little more give notice the thing more to set thing around right

Jules: Yes totally

Estela: Awesome! Thank you so much Jules. Do you have this last pieces of advice what you would give yourself maybe 10 years back to speed up the process of where you are now?

Jules: Yes so I think the big thing is I always have this perception of there being a gap, there where was right now and where wanted to be. Whether was that you know a company that was doing you know XX amount, more than the one that I was running. Or whether that was this future partner that I really wanted to have, or this trip that I wanted to take, or this money in my big account that I wanted to have. And what I realized now is that there actually no gap. And the more that you focused on this gap the wider the gap becomes. And so if you’re listening to this, considered that it’s not an accident, if you’re hearing this conversation right now, it’s no accident that you’re hearing it and I considered that everything you that want and desired is actually already here, it’s already in your experience and all you have to is own it and mean it. And understand that there’s nothing more you need to do or nothing more that you need to become, it’s just allowing yourself to receive. And when I started operating from that place that there is no gap, that there is just a “where I am” and allowing myself to create moment by moment by moment, that’s that actually when you get surprised and when these big opportunities and things show up for you in that’s space. So there’s no gap, like on yourself for were you are its totally perfect, validly accept everything there is, and follow your highest excitement because that’s what whole journey is all about.

Estela: Awesome! Thank you so much Jules thank you for being here.

Jules: Yes thank you so much guys.

Estela: Have a good day!

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